Monday, May 11, 2009


Back with a snapshot but no photo

Bad idea back in March to say I’d write something every day, however small, or rubbishy. After the first flush of enthusiastic posts, my inspiration died under the pressure. Nothing I saw, heard or did seemed blog-worthy. But, as is the way sometimes, once you accept that you’ve failed and nobody cares anyway, you wake up one morning and there’s a tiny bud on that dead branch. Hallelujah.

“What a great photo that would make” I say stopping to watch a group of French workman dig up the road. While one man operates the vehicle breaking up the concrete, six fellow workers stand in a motionless, silent semi-circle, transfixed by the road disintegrating before them and unconcerned that, even taking into account the French custom of having as many men observing the work as actually doing it, they might have a rather disproportionate ratio of observers to workers. Sadly, I can’t post that photo because there was a problem with the camera and by the time we sorted it out, the traffic lights changed and the moment was gone.

I consider myself an un-competitive sort of person - someone who regularly lost at tennis without ever throwing a racquet, who never feels the need to outdo anyone’s anecdote, cooking or even wii-ing prowess - but the other day I completely lost my cool when I was losing at Scrabble and am feeling rather ashamed. In my defence, my loved one, though I accept it wasn’t his intention, managed to push all my buttons by daring to think himself hard done by when he was winning. I was feeling fine about my three Us, two As, and two Os as he went ahead with his Q, X, C, K and two Ss until he complained that I’d put my one-pointer tiles where he'd intended to make a brilliant word. I can’t remember exactly what I said, but ungentlemanly behaviour may have been mentioned somewhere in my tirade, which led to the game being finished in a somewhat frosty atmosphere. If I don't get a grip or some counselling, I'm in danger of being red-carded and branded the Joey Barton of Scrabble.

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