Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Some of life's little puzzles

Walking back from buying the newspaper on Sunday, it struck me as odd that, in general, newsagents seem to be grumpy, but milkmen are usually cheerful, though both have their alarm clocks set for roughly the same time. Is it to do with their products – the newsagent has a breakfast of gloomy news and the milkman a mood boosting drink? Then I started thinking about some of life’s other little puzzles.

Why for instance, can they put a man on the moon but they can’t make a broom with a handle that doesn’t need a piece of rag wedged in to keep it in place.

Why do women give fear of loneliness as the reason they can't leave their unloved and unloving husbands, yet continue to lie next to him as emotionally isolated as any desert island castaway.

Why, when you suggest to your children that they might like to take their junk from your loft or garage to their own family home, do they look so surprised and hurt that not only are you expecting them to use their own valuable storage space, but have reneged on the unwritten agreement that the space was on permanent loan.

Why is it so much easier to manage other people’s money than our own.

Why did I buy a dictionary that's so large it breaks my wrist to lift it, so have to resort to the silly little one rejected in its favour in the first place.

Also, why do you buy bigger handbags, so you can keep your stuff in it, only then you can never find anything in it!

Also, children like to keep their stuff in the loft as a kind of guarantee. So if anything goes wrong in their life they can return at any time with very little notice, and spend hours sifting through old school reports, that say 'should try harder', and silently agreeing as they look at piles of old 'Smash Hits' magazines!
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