Monday, June 22, 2009


The PM and the showgirl

What’s the connection between Gordon Brown and a bunny girl? No, sorry, I haven’t discovered another of Gordon’s weaknesses, but they do have something in common. When he told The Guardian how much we’ve hurt his feelings and how it’s not his fault that he’s not very good at communication or political manoeuvring, it reminded me of a story years ago, when the Playboy Club dispensed with the services of bunny girl Greta because her neck had become crepey. She too was hurt and wanted to make a fight of it.

Whilst there may not be an exact job description for either a bunny girl or a prime minister, it’s not unreasonable to suppose that a bunny girl’s main purpose was to persuade rich men that her youth and beauty was worth parting with an indecent amount of cash for; and a prime minister's to persuade rich and poor that his communication skills and ability to pick the right people for the right jobs was worth parting with their vote for.

Now don’t think me lacking in compassion, but both Gordon and Greta seem somewhat deluded if they think it's mean to criticise them just because they don't have those particular qualities, when they’re still talented, lovable people. What, just like the ones who didn’t get the job.

Capability-to-job conflicts can be fun, eg. "Deaf Lumberjack" - but uncommunicative PMs no fun at all.
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